50 Holiday Blog Post Ideas for Fashion and Lifestyle Bloggers

Tired of the same old holiday posts? Here are 50 holiday themed posts for your fashion and lifestyle blog. // Read the post for the full list.

Feeling overwhelmed planning your content schedule for the upcoming holiday season? Don't worry. I have you covered! Feel free to use any of the content ideas below on your own blog! Get creative and put your own spin on it for a unique piece perfect for the holidays. 




  1. Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas / Look book - Make a look book of your favorite looks that you are considering wearing this Thanksgiving. 
  2. Thanksgiving Outfit Choice - Do a photo shoot with the outfit that you decided to wear on Thanksgiving. 
  3. Thanksgiving Dinner Menu + Table Decor Ideas 
  4. How to Host a "Friends-giving" - Decor Ideas, Recipes, etc. 
  5. List 20 Things That You Are Thankful For 




  1. Five Ways to Enjoy The Holidays When You're Single 
  2. Five Simple Ways to Reduce Stress During the Holidays 
  3. How to Entertain for the Holidays in a Small Apartment or Home
  4. Gift Wrapping Series - One post a week (for example) showing your favorite ways to wrap holiday gifts. 
  5. Your Favorite Cookie or Holiday Treat Recipe - Make sure to document the process of you making them + your favorite tools that you used. 
  6. Favorite Holiday Traditions - What holiday traditions do you and your loved ones celebrate? 
  7. Chat While Wrapping Presents or Cooking (Video) - Do a laid back chit chat video as your wrap presents or do any holiday cooking
  8. Decorate Your Tree - Do a photo shoot with your decorated Christmas tree. Make sure to include shots of your favorite ornaments that you have collected over the years, as well as good sources to purchase new ornaments! 
  9. Decorate Your Home / Apartment - Holiday decor home tour / sources to buy some of the decor items. 
  10. Christmas Eve Outfit Inspiration - Make a look book of your favorite looks that you are considering wearing this Christmas or holiday. 
  11. Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day  Outfit - Do a quick photo shoot wearing the outfit that you ended up choosing from the post mentioned above. 
  12. Holiday Decor 3 Ways Post - Do a mood board featuring three different styles of home decor and your favorite pieces from each niche. Ex. Traditional red and green, all white and silver, etc. 
  13. Holiday Gift Guides - A gift buying guide for the special people in your life. Ex. For Him, For Her, For Your Pet, For Your Artist Friend, etc. 
  14. Five Things That Get You in the Mood for the Holiday Season - Ex. Your favorite holiday songs, scented candles, etc. 
  15. Top 10 Favorite Holiday Movies - List your favorite holiday movies to watch. Get creative with the additional content that you can add to this post. For example, you could feature your favorite slippers and pajamas that you are currently loving or your favorite snacks. 
  16. Your Holiday Wishlist - What items are YOU asking for this year?
  17. What You Got For Christmas This Year (Possible Video Idea As Well) - After the holidays are over, make a video or a blog post talking about your favorite items that you received as gifts this year. 
  18. Five Places in Your City That Will Get You In the Mood for the Holidays - Appeal to your local followers and make a quick holiday guide to the city that you live in. 
  19. Quick and Easy Holiday Cocktail Ideas 
  20. Christmas Dinner Menu + Table Decor Ideas
  21. Gift Exchange With Your Significant Other / BFF (Video)
  22. Holiday Hauls (Video) - Do a video featuring all of the gifts that you are planning on giving your loved ones this holiday. 
  23. Holiday Decor Haul (Video) - Make a video showing your viewers all of the holiday decor items that you have gotten this season. 
  24. Stocking Stuffer Ideas + Giveaway - Collect a few of your favorite stocking stuffer items and give a stocking away to one of your readers! 
  25. Holiday Gift Card Giveaway - A fun way to give back to your readers with a gift card that they can use for their holiday shopping! This is also a great way to boost your followers and potential affiliate income during the holiday season. 
  26. Things to Buy Someone That You Recently Started Dating (Male and Female Version) - This is a fun spin on the average gift guide for him and her. 
  27. Five Places to Spend Christmas That Won't Break the Bank - A fun way to incorporate a travel vertical into your holiday content. 
  28. Ten New Traditions to Start - Tired of your old traditions? Make a list of fun new traditions for your readers to start. 
  29. Christmas Party Snack Recipes - Quick and easy holiday party recipes your readers can make. 
  30. White Elephant Party Gift Ideas - A fun spin on the traditional holiday gift guide. 


New Year's Eve


  1. Three Glamorous Places To Go In Your City on New Year's Eve - Appeal to your local following and make a quick NYE city guide for your readers. 
  2. New Year's Eve Party Guide - Create a comprehensive guide to throwing a glamorous NYE party. Include decor ideas, easy cocktails and snack items, and outfit options! 
  3. New Year's Eve Outfit Ideas / Look book - Make a look book of your favorite looks that you are considering wearing this New Year's Eve. 
  4. New Year's Eve Outfit Choice - Do a photo shoot with the outfit that you decided to wear on New Year's Eve. 
  5. New Year's Eve Get Ready With Me (Video) - Film a "chit chat get ready with me" video while you get dolled up for the New Year's Eve festivities. This is a quick and easy video to film that doesn't require a lot of planning and editing. 
  6. Hair and Makeup Ideas for Christmas and New Year's Eve
  7. Quick 3 Ingredient New Year's Eve Cocktails - No one wants to have to buy 4 million ingredients for one simple cocktail. Talk about some of your favorite easy recipes for your readers to serve.
  8. New Year's Resolutions - You can share your goals and resolutions for the upcoming year with your readers via blog post or video.
  9. New Year's Resolutions (With a Twist) - Instead of just sharing your resolutions for the upcoming year, discuss all of the things that you have learned from this past year. 
  10. New Year's Party Favor Ideas - Share some fun party favor ideas for your readers to hand out at their party. 

I hope that you enjoyed these holiday themed blog post ideas. I know that when I am planning my editorial calendar, the last thing that I want to do is spend half the day trying to think of fun ideas! No one has time for that. 

What are some of YOUR favorite holiday blog posts to write? 


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