Plan and Style Blogger Photo Shoots Like a Pro (Free Planning Sheet)

This guide makes planning and styling your life and style blogger photoshoots quick and easy! Take the hard work and stress out of shooting blog photos. Click the image to read the full post.

If you are a fashion and lifestyle blogger, chances are, you are familiar with a blog shoot and how much work can go into creating one.

I'm going to shoot this simple outfit and cocktail, no biggie, shouldn't take long. We can just run outside and snap some quick shots. 

"HA! We will see about that," smirk the blogging gods. 

Cue the wind, wardrobe malfunctions, camera frustrations, the weird thing your eye is doing in half of the shots (but seriously what's up with that?), and the random pedestrians that keep walking through the frame.

While every photo shoot isn't this tedious (I promise), without the right preparation and planning, it can be! Download my blogger photoshoot planning sheet to help you plan your next shoot and take the hassle out of preparation! Click the button below to grab your copy.

After blogging for several years, I have come to find that the more prepared I am for a shoot, the happier I am with the results. Taking the time to collect inspiration, carefully selecting an outfit and meaningful location, and rounding up any props or supplies that I need ahead of time makes for a stress free shoot that I enjoy creating.

Make sure and grab your copy of my FREE blog photoshoot planner. I use this on my own blog, and it has been a complete game changer.



Take the stress out of planning the perfect blog shoot.


Preparation = Success

Let's break it on down shall we?


Step One: Determine the Purpose of a Shoot and Select an Outfit


First things first: What is the purpose of this photo shoot? Are you highlighting a specific product or piece of apparel? Are you shooting a cocktail or yummy appetizer? Once you have determined the focus of the shoot, you can select your outfit.


A Few Things To Consider When Picking An Outfit

Is the outfit the main focus of the shoot? What accessories are you going to be highlighting with detail shots? If you already have a location or prop in mind, what colors would coordinate or contrast nicely with them?

Thinking about the outfit, location, and props as a finished product will help you to plan the individual components of the shoot. When selecting an outfit to wear, make sure to pack accessories like jewelry and belts, shoes, and any extras that you might need such as hairspray or a specific shade of lipstick.


Step Two: Select a Location



This step can get overlooked very easily. I completely understand if you need to shoot something last minute and don't have time to drive across town to that one fountain by the pink bench. However, if you do have the time to properly plan a location to shoot in, I highly recommend that you take the time to do so.


What To Look For In a Blog Shoot Location

I keep a running list of neat locations that I pass by in Dallas that would be fun to shoot in. Look for colored walls, gorgeous garden scapes, pretty restaurant patios, grassy knolls, and anything else that catches your eye! Bonus points if that location has a bathroom nearby to change outfits in.

Remember to pay attention to the tone and coloring of the location.  For example, if there is a forest-y feel to the shoot location, maybe opt for a rustic outfit with riding boots and a poncho instead of heels and a blouse.

My favorite way to add meaning and an additional element of interest to an outfit post is to shoot in a meaningful location. This is the perfect way to show case an outfit while adding depth with additional content. The creative options are truly endless with this style of post!

Here are a few places and ideas to get you started:

1 | Your favorite restaurant, order your favorite cocktail and appetizer

2| Your favorite place to blog (mine would be my neighborhood Starbucks)

3 | The gym / yoga studio / spin class / etc. that you enjoy going to every week

4 | The place you and your significant other love to go to on date night

5 | An ice cream parlor

6 | Your local swimming pool

7 | Your favorite place in the city where you live

If you live in Dallas, these are some of my favorite locations to shoot in:

Highland Park, Texas

Highland Park Village - Pretty storefronts to shoot in front of with light colored walls.

Mi Cocina in Highland Park Village - Gorgeous ivy covered wall on the exterior with pretty lattice work.

Lakeside Park // 4601 Lakeside Dr. Highland Park, TX 75205 - This giant park has so many places to shoot in front of. Choose from a babbling creek, rustic nature paths, a huge pond with lily pads, a large rustic wooden bridge, and more.

Flippen Park // 4421 N. Versailles Avenue Highland Park, TX 75205 - This small scenic park has gorgeous flower beds, a white wooden gazebo, and a large fountain with pale blue water to shoot in front of. 

Uptown, Dallas

Parigi // 3311 Oak Lawn Ave #12, Dallas, TX 75219 - This restaurant has a gorgeous shady patio with cute bistro tables and a killer menu. Nothing like having a glass of wine on the job! 

Klyde Warren Park // 2012 Woodall Rodgers Freeway, Suite 403, Dallas, TX 75201 - Klyde Warren Park is a Dallas must. This expansive park has so many neat areas to shoot in, including a gorgeous glass restaurant on the park, Savor.

West Village // 3699 McKinney Ave, Dallas, TX 75204 - With a similar aesthetic to HP Village, this shopping district has plenty of cute shops and restaurants to shoot in or in front of!

The Centrum Courtyard // 3102 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX 75219 - This high rise office building and retail space has a neat courtyard in the center with a fountain and pretty flowers.

Miscellaneous Areas, Dallas

NorthPark Center // 8687 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75225 - I may be a little biased, but our mall is one of the prettiest that I have seen. There are so many pretty restaurant patios to shoot in (like La Duni), a giant landscaped courtyard, and a ton of high end retail stores. 

HG Supply // 2008 Greenville Ave, Dallas, TX 75206 (Lower Greenville) - HG Supply is one of my favorite restaurants in Dallas as well as one of my favorite places to shoot. They have a GIANT rooftop patio that will knock your socks off. The view of the Dallas skyline is also pretty prime from this location!

Need More Ideas?

Obviously there are SO many more neat places to shoot, but these are a few of my personal favorites. If you live in Dallas or are just visiting and need some shoot location recommendations, please feel free to reach out to me.


Step Three: Make a Shot List


I find it really helpful to make a list of shots that you want from your photographer. I have an inspiration board for photo shoots that I keep hidden on Pinterest that helps me to plan the details of each shoot. I collect photographs that inspire me that I can later show to my photographer to use as a jumping off point.

Here is an example of a shot list that I might make for a shoot at HG Supply, a local Dallas restaurant: 

1 | Me sitting at rooftop bar holding drink

2 | Top down view of my hand holding drink, highlighting my bracelets

3 |  Detail shot of my purse, sunglasses, and Moscow Mule mug on patio table

4 |  Me standing in corner of patio, view of Dallas behind me

5 |  Me sitting on top of patio table with feet down in the chair

You get the gist. 

Keeping a shot list results in a much happier, satisfying shoot for me. There is nothing worse than reviewing the photos post-shoot and realizing that you didn't get enough detail shots, full body shots, or horizontal oriented shots, etc.


Take the stress out of planning the perfect blog shoot. 


Step Four: Pick Your Props


While props aren't necessary in every blogger photo shoot, they can be great visual additions when used correctly. Props don't have to be as corny as they might sound. Think about what the theme of your shoot is and try to list a few objects that are commonly associated with that theme. For example when shooting a back to school look, I might use one of the following: textbooks, a school bag, a binder, etc.

This guide makes planning and styling your life and style blogger photoshoots quick and easy! Take the hard work and stress out of shooting blog photos. Click the image to read the full post.


Step Five: The Finishing Details


Now that you have selected the theme of your photo shoot, chosen an outfit, location, and prop, it's time to head to the location! Make sure that you have any other extras that you might need such as hairspray, bobby pins, a mirror, extra ice and paper towels (when shooting food or cocktails), and anything else that will make the shoot easier for you and your photographer!

While blogger photoshoots can be a lot of work, they are SO much easier when you take the time to plan them. When the details are taken care of, you are left to focus on the most important part: having fun, and getting an end result that you are proud of.

Make sure and download your FREE  printable photo shoot planning sheet below and make planning your next photo shoot a breeze!


Take the stress out of planning the perfect blog shoot.



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