Fake It As a Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger

Fake it till you make it as a fashion blogger. Read the full post to find out why this is so important!

Whether you are a seasoned blogger with an established website, or a metaphorical blogging freshman stumbling around trying to find the cafeteria, we all have to fake it from time to time. Know that when I say fake it, I am not referring to lying. I am referring to walking the walk and talking the talk before you might be entirely comfortable doing so.

Let's Break It Down Shall We?

At some point in your blogging career you will be faced with a situation that you aren't quite comfortable with. Whether it is working with your first photographer, negotiating pricing with a brand, or signing a contract for your biggest collaboration yet, it's going to be new (unknown) territory. When faced with situations like these, it is important to remember that not only are you a successful blogger, you are a successful business owner. 

Whether you feel like a successful business owner or not, it doesn't matter. This is where faking it comes in. Treat yourself and your business with the respect that you would give it if you have already accomplished the big dreams that you have in store for it.

1 | Look visually professional in every way possible. We're talking letter heads, branded email signatures, correct grammar (durr), business cards, a professional looking website, the works!

2 | Do your research. When working with another blogger, brand, or business, it is crucial to learn everything that you can about that person or business' background, brand mission, and target audience. Please note that this also includes conducting research for your own blog posts and content.

3 | Talk the talk. Know important industry terms and be able to use them when applicable. However, do not start dropping big words and concepts into an email or conversation just to make yourself sound more professional. More than likely this will have the opposite effect and make it sound like you are over compensating for your actual lack of knowledge.

4 | Do as the big girls do. I have learned a lot of what I know today from watching and studying other successful fashion and lifestyle bloggers. While many of these bloggers keep the inner workings of their business' private, you can learn a lot just from observing their content, social media habits, and website.

5 | Be prepared. A huge part of what makes successful bloggers and business owners successful is preparation. Notice that more often than not, big bloggers have 2-3 Instagram photos prepared for each day, and a whole editorial calendar of content covering various department store sales and events. They're ready for anything and you should be too.

6 | Go the extra mile. It is the little things that stand out. Go the extra mile when working with readers, other bloggers, and brands. If you negotiated a paid social media post with a brand, mention them again in a post later that week. Free exposure will resonate well with the brand and set your website apart from others that they may currently be working with as well.

The Bottom Line

If you want to be taken seriously in this industry you need to take your business seriously. I don't care if your actual business is a shit show on the inside, you need to appear calm, cool, and professional on the outside. Walk the walk and talk the talk before you feel ready. Brands, bloggers, and readers will begin to notice and good things will come from it.

Can't Stop Won't Stop

Don't ever forget that you and your business can go as far and wide as you want it to. NEVER give up, and NEVER let anyone, or anything convince you otherwise. If being a successful fashion and lifestyle blogger that makes thousands of dollars a month was easy, everyone would be doing it. Don't let that stop you from pushing ahead, beating the odds, kicking some ass, and getting yours. Because lady, it's out there for the taking.


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