Professional vs. DIY Blog Photos

Take your own blog photos or hire a photographer: the age old (new age) dilemma. Read the full post for my two cents on the topic!

I decided to make the switch to professionally shot blog photographs about two years ago, and I wish that I had done it from day one. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that your blog is going to fail without them, but I will say that if your goal is to turn your website into a professional, profitable business, you are going to need them.

There are two ways to get professional quality blog photos:

1 | Purchase a Professional Quality DSLR Camera

I know many bloggers that have done this. While it is a more expensive investment up front, it will end up saving you a lot of money over time. Blogger photographers can get very expensive and generally charge per outfit or by time slot. When you are using your own camera, you can shoot at unlimited locations with unlimited outfits for as long as you would like.


Unlimited photos, outfits, and locations

Comfortable for camera shy people because you are shooting with someone that you already know

Scheduling time to shoot is generally more flexible


You have to find someone that can successfully use a DSLR camera and shoot your photos (boyfriends, husbands, blogging bffs, and parents are great for this)

You will need to edit the photos yourself (must learn how to use Adobe Lightroom, or other professional photo editing software)

The learning curve to using your camera can be frustrating for a while until you and the person shooting your photos gets the hang of it

Purchasing a DSLR camera and decent lens can be an expensive investment up front

2 | Hire a Photographer

While hiring a photographer is more expensive in the long run, you generally get what you pay for. In addition to using a photographer, I supplement my shoots with pictures shot by my friend on my DSLR that I purchased. More often than not, I like the pictures that were shot by the professional photographer more than the photos shot on my own expensive camera. Why? Because we aren't professional photographers.


Stunning, professional looking photographs every time (if you have a good photographer)

Potential networking opportunities with other bloggers your photographer might work with

Until you really get the hang of shooting with your own camera, shooting with a professional will be about 100 times faster and less stressful

All you have to worry about is looking good - not fiddling with the camera, hoping your photos turn out well, and editing them


You are limited to a certain time window, number of outfits, etc. for a certain price

Professional photographers are going to be more expensive in the long run

Generally less flexible with the times that they are available to shoot (depends on the individual)

If you are on the shy side, shooting with someone that you don't know can be a little intimidating (however keep in mind that you will get to know them in time)

You aren't in control of the way that the photographer decides to edit the photos (although if you have a specific way that you like them edited, most photographers will be more than accommodating)

Look at You Making Business Decisions Over There

Regardless of the option that you select for your blog (or both), you are making a great decision for your business. Having professional quality photographs truly says wonders about your business and its brand.

Good photography says "I take my brand seriously" and "I really know how to style dark wash denim for fall." Just kidding. You know what I mean.

You're making the right decision.


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